Paint me freedom: Artists write messages in sky over ICE detention centers

Artists in the US came together over the Independence Day Weekend and used World War II military planes to sky-type messages over 80 sites related to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities, and landmarks related to immigration.

In Plain Sight

The project "In Plain Sight" is led by Los Angeles-based artists Rafa Esparza and Cassils. 

The artists involved included Hank Willis Thomas and Dread Scott; Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors; artist and TV producer Zackary Drucker; and designer and former Black Panther member Emory Douglas. Each artist chose a message to have temporarily written in the sky above a particular site.

Image credit: Karen Ishizuka


Bringing attention to facilities

Artists wrote messages over ICE detention facilities to bring attention to these facilities, which are usually privately-run, and have faced a lot of criticism for the way they are operated.

Credit: Dee Gonzalez


No More Camps

The artists sky-typed messages such as "No More Camps", "Freedom" and "Not forgotten". The messages were followed by #xmap. Artists are encouraging people to extend support towards #FreeThemAll campaign and donateg to the #MeltICE Freedom Fund.

Credit: Mark Von Holden



The planes were flown by pilots of Skytypers Air Show Team, who carefully flew in a pattern to make the smoke form the messages.

Credit: Chris Mastro


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