Olympic Games' super fan, Kyoko Ishikawa, gears up for Covid-ridden Tokyo 2020

As Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games shifted to a closed door event due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Olympic Games' super fan, Kyoko Ishikawa, has decided to turn her home into a virtual stadium

Rare miss

The 51-year-old businesswoman and an Olympics super fan, Kyoko Ishikawa, will be missing her first summer Olympic Games since 1992 as Tokyo 2020 will take place without spectators due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Home turned stadium

Ishikawa, however, has decided not to let coronavirus ruin her fun. She has transformed her home into a virtual stadium. She will be chanting and cheering for her favourite teams from the comfort of her home.


Connecting virtually

After travelling the world to attend Olympic Games, this year she will be connecting with other super fans through video conferencing.

"The Olympics is a special occasion, and in any special occasion in your life, you get people together," she said. "It's the same this time. Whatever the method, that fundamental principle doesn't change."


Once upon a time...

Her obsession with attending Olympic games began in 1992 when she was on a backpacking trip to Barcelona and managed to buy a ticket to the opening ceremony for Olympics games that year.


Getting to know basics

This year she is hoping to learn more about athletes and their origin countries with the help of books and maps. Ishikawa said it is difficult to watch more than three events if you are running from one venue to another. However, this year, as she will be watching the games from the comfort of her home, she has more time to learn about the games and athletes.


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