'No one does it like New York': Here are few stunning images from season's first snow storm

As season's first snow storm hits New York, here are few magnificent images 

'Heavy snow band'

Over 8 inches of snow was dumped all across New York city after it was hit by a quick-moving winter storm. AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys while speaking to New York Post said, "The storm that we talked about yesterday is doing what we expected it to be doing. There’s a heavy snow band moving through eastern Long Island for the next few hours."


Flights delayed and cancelled

LaGuardia airport in Queens recorded 8.4 inches of snow as of 7am, while 5.5 inches were recorded at John F. Kennedy International airport. Nearly 5.5 inches fell in Central Park. 

Hundreds of flights were either cancelled or delayed. School districts also adjusted their operations. 


Unreliable condition

The snowfall is further expected to move out of the tri-state region. However, the but conditions will remain unreliable due to high winds. Clean up processes on roads can also be hampered. 


People seen enjoying on streets

While situation remained a little unstable, people were seen enjoying the first major snowfall of the season by making snowman on the streets. 

New York City emergency management activated a virtual situation room to monitor the storm system. They also issued a travel advisory for Friday.  Mayor Eric Adams said that his team would convene at 4am on Friday to review the city’s storm response and “direct resources where needed.”.


Mayor thanked the crews

Mayor Adams thanked the crews for showing up to work during such extreme weather conditions. He also promised that this would not bring the city to a halt. 


'No one does it like New York'

“No one does it like New York and anyone that thinks they can bet against New York, there is another thing coming,” the mayor said. “A snowstorm is not going to stop us, an economic storm is not going to stop us. We are going to forge ahead," he added. 


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