No more hugs as schools all over the world reopen in 'new normal'

Schools all over the world are reopening with COVID-19 precautions in place. From maintaining distance to wearing masks, the 'new normal' has changed the fun days of school children.


Schools in Thailand have just started reopening since they were closed in March, with safety precautions in place. Students were asked to self-quarantine themselves before returning to classes. Social distancing, temperature checks, hand sanitising and all other protocols are being followed in the schools.



French schools opened with marking around all benches which decides the distance a student has to maintain from other. The students are also asked to wear masks.



Students in China appeared for the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), known as "gaokao" this week. The students were asked to queues outside the venue to go through compulsory temperature checks. Students were also asked to maintain distance and wear face masks.


South Africa

South African Minister of Education recently announced the the Eastern Cape province will see delayed the return of the Grade R, Grade 6 and Grade 9. However, schools reopened for Grade 7 in many regions. Students were also served meals on their own desks, which were placed at a distance.


Sri Lanka

Schools reopened in Sri Lankan cities on July 6 after the cases decreased in the country. Students were asked to wash hands on entering the school premises. Wearing face masks has been made compulsory by the authorities.