No horn zone: London, Paris feature on world's most walkable cities list

The researchers at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) have revealed a list of world’s most walkable cities, and here are the top five cities

Hong Kong

Hong Kong topped the list of the cities where people live within 100m of a car-free places, such as parks and pedestrian areas.



Moscow featured second on this list and gained much appreciation on social media for its beautiful natural surroundings.


Paris, France

Paris topped the list along with Zurich and Hong Kong due to rise of the euro and Swiss franc against the US dollar, as well as the comparative decline in the cost of living in the two Asian cities that previously sat at the top of the table.  



Bogotá was one of the surprise entries in the list that featured fourth on this list. The city is the only one to feature in top five of the list in all three categires, namely: closeness to car-free places, closeness to healthcare and education and major cities by small size of city blocks.



London, too, featured in the list making it one of the very few major metropolitan cities to give more space to the pedestrians rather than the vehicles. It also came on the third spot in the list of major cities by closeness to healthcare and education.


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