New face of Afghanistan? Women march in support of Taliban

More than 300 women were seen marching on the roads of Afghanistan to lend support to the new regime of Taliban

Covered, but happy

Women students were seen covered from head to toe in Shaheed Rabbani Education University as they came out in support of Taliban's rule and heard women talk about pro-Taliban practices.


New and improved?

Nearly 300 women took to streets in Kabul to lend their support to the new and 'improved' regime of Taliban, also dubbed as Taliban 2.0


Protected by Taliban

Armed Taliban fighters escorted the women as they claimed to be willingly marching in the pro-Taliban demonstration.


'Satisfied with Taliban's attitude'

These women claimed they are happy with the current regulations imposed by Taliban.


Women against women

Veiled women held placards and banners dissing other Afghan women who fled the country since Taliban's takeover, and claimed that the "women who left Afghanistan cannot represent us".


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