Masking the politics: Sri Lanka gears up for parliamentary elections amid pandemic

Sri Lanka elections are scheduled for August 05 and the island country is gearing up to conduct national-level elections amid the pandemic. From huge campaign rallies to urging people to trial voting sessions, here's how Sri Lanka is preparing for the big day.

Mass gathering in pandemic

As the Sri Lankan elections are approaching, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa organised a rally this week to talk to his supporters. The supporters flocked to the ground with face masks on.


Masked President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was also spotted wearing a mask at all times, except for few instances on stage, during this election rally. The rally was not appreciated by many, as some residents believe this was a very risky and unsafe event amid a pandemic.


Sanitising the virus away

All voting centres are being sanitised by the local authorities. The polling stations will be regularly sanitised till the voting ends.


Compulsory measures

Sri Lanka also conducted mock voting trials earlier. Voters were urged to sanitise their hands before entering the main polling station.


Maintaining social distance

All voters will be urged to maintain social distance and wear face masks at all times during mock voting sessions.