Mask-less: Political leaders around the world who 'forgot' to wear mask

As the coronavirus cases are on a rise, with some countries fearing a second wave, health experts are urging people to maintain social distance and wear face mask at all time. However, some leaders have failed to lead by example.

Here are five of the most infamous examples of important political leaders who were spotted without masks, knowingly or unknowingly, more than once.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has, since the start of the pandemic, ignored wearing face masks — even when he visited masks manufacturing units. However, he was now finally spotted in a face mask as he visited a military hospital on Saturday.

He has, at times, claimed that he was wearing a mask but did not want to give media the pleasure of getting his picture clicked in one.


Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was, in the initial days, was often seen without a face mask. The Prime Minister, later, tested positive and survived coronavirus himself. As the PM is now back in office, he is now seen wearing a face mask. Johnson has faced heavy criticism for praising front-line workers while ignoring health safety protocols.

Picture credit: Flickr


Mike Pence

The US Vice President Mike Pence chose not to wear a face mask while touring the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he also met patients who had survived COVID-19 and were present to donate blood.


Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak was spotted serving at popular food joint Wagamama on July 08. While promoting the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ vouchers, he had a smile on his face, talked to customers and employees nicely...but alas forgot to wear a face mask. The pictures, when posted, attracted criticism for Sunak's carelessness while interacting with dozens of customers.


Samy Abu Shehadeh

Israel's lawmaker Samy Abu Shehadeh was spotted without a mask at several places. Later, he tested positive and almost 700 employees had to be quarantined. 

He claimed to have come in contact with thousands of people since the economy has reopened, and has urged people to quarantine themselves and take care. He had been spotted at various events, cafeterias, mourning gatherings, offices and families of coronavirus victims without a mask.

Photo credit: Knesset