Locals continue demonstrations as Colombia protests complete one month

Updated: May 28, 2021, 12:48 PM(IST)

A month after the controversial tax reforms were introduced and withdrawn, Colombians continue marching against the government

April 28

Colombia locals have been holding anti-government protests for a month now. The protests started on April 28 and has resulted in dozens of deaths. The protests and the violent clashes have attracted international criticism. 


Infamous tax reforms

The demonstrations had started against a proposed tax increase which, the locals believed, would push them further into the state of poverty, especially due to the negative effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy.


A list of complaints

Although the government quickly withdrew the controversial tax reforms, the locals decided to break their silence on several other issues that the country has been facing and hiding for years, locals claimed. Colombians feel they have been left on support themselves, especially in these tough times of a pandemic.


Civil war

Colombia is still recovering from nearly six-decade long civil war and has had to fight another battle against rising gun violence, illegal distribution and consumption of drugs, miscreants, corruption and coronavirus.

The month-long protests have led to several deaths and hundreds injured. Now, locals are stepping up as volunteers to help the injured and urge peace.


Creative, and powerful

However, not all demonstrations have been violent. Some people have used art and performance to spread their message. Locals also came up with creative face masks to protect themselves from coronavirus, while fighting for their cause.


'Missing Persons'

As the protestors were met with police raids and violent clashes, several people have been reported missing. Locals feel some people have been illegally detained and arrested by police officials and are being reported as missing. People also put up a sign 'Missing Persons' in the middle of a main street in Bogota.


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