Kanye West new name's normal: Jennifer Aniston, Bruno Mars and others have done it, too


 | Updated: Oct 20, 2021, 07:19 PM IST

If you thought Kanye West's new name Ye is bizarre, wait till you hear what Jennifer Aniston used to be called before becoming the mega star she is today. Same goes for Bruno Mars, too. 

From wanting to look 'rough' to doing public service, here are the reasons why some of the biggest celebrities on this planet had to shun their family names. Find out!



The Oscar-winning actor was given the name Joaquin Rafael Bottom at the time of his birth but his parents later changed his last name to Phoenix as it symbolises a new beginning. We mean talk about positive manifestations!



Very few people know this but the multiple Grammy-winning singer used to be called Peter Gene Hernandez. But, he changed it to what the world now knows as Bruno Mars as he did not want to be stereotyped as a Latin singer. Fair point! 



The biggest celebrity shocker (to feature on this list, that is) is Jennifer 'Friends' Aniston. Her real name was, get this, Jennifer Linn Anastassakis. It was her father, John Aniston--an actor, too--changed his last name to Aniston to get more work in the industry. Glad it worked out well for the family, especially the daughter!



The Oscar-winning actor used to be called Eric Marlon Bishop before he, much like his characters on screen, embraced the name Jamie Foxx. No matter what the name, don't we all just love the reel life Ray Charles?!



This Oscar-winning beauty had a different lastname. She was known as Natalie Hershlag. Whe  she was younger and just starting out, Portman used her grandmother's maiden name to draw lines between her public and private lives. Smart move, we say!



Mark Sinclair Vincent is what this macho personality used to be called before Vin Diesel, and those action-packed 'Fast & Furious' movies, got famous. The story goes as this: back in the day, when he used to work as a bouncer at night clubs, Diesel was looking for a tougher name fitting his profession. So, he settled for... you know what!



Ilyena Lydia Mironoff was Hollywood's darling Helen Mirren's real name, can you believe it? The name was eventually changed for relatability. Well, it turned out so well for her, no?