Istanbul's students protest against Erdogan-appointed university rector

Istanbul University's students and teachers hold posters of Bogazici University rector Mesut Balu (L) and Istanbul University rector Mahmut Ak.

Selfish move

Students and teachers took to streets to protest against appointment of a rector at a top Turkish university by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Protetsors claim it is a politically motivated move.



Nearly 20 protestors detained

Turkish police on Tuesday detained 17 people after hundreds of students attended the protest to raise their voice against the 'undemocratic' appointment of Bogazici University rector Mesut Balu.


Messages for President

Protestors held several placards with messages such as 'Fight for free and democratic universities', 'Electing our rector is our right', 'Pressures cannot daunt us' and more.


Teachers unite

Faculty members gathered on campus later on Tuesday during the swearing-in of Bulu, who has a doctorate in business management and turned their backs on the rector's building.


Effects of failed coup

The protestors have alleged Erdogan of assuming the power to directly appoint university rectors after surviving a failed 2016 coup, and it is not the first time his choice for Bogazici has caused controversy.


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