In Pics | Pre-Covid and post-Covid Xmas as government across Europe aims to tighten curbs

As Europe becomes the epicentre of virus once again, with Omicron cases surging, government in several European regions look forward to tightening curbs


Dutch ministers recently met to discuss toughening of the partial lockdown that is already in place. Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said, "There are very serious concerns." 

After the meeting, a complete lockdown was imposed, ruining Christmas plan for many people.

Last month, there were several protests in Rotterdam due to the partial lockdown. Many people were also injured. "This is a very serious situation which requires action with the highest priority," said the emergency order by the Rotterdam municipality.



Streets in Amsterdam were all empty after the government imposed a lockdown to battle a surge in Covid cases. Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a sudden shut-down of restaurants, gyms, museums and other public places from till January 14.

“Closing all bars and restaurants in such an important month is incredibly painful and dramatic. We need compensation and an exit strategy”, the Dutch association for hospitality services said in a statement. 



Even after a surge in Covid cases, the French government is trying to avoid a lockdown, In fact, the government is looking forward to mandate vaccine for all its citizens. As per the new vaccine law, all the citizens will need a vaccine pass to enter any restaurant and many other public places.

The government has also warned of imposing stricter Covid rules if the cases continue to rise.



Just ahead of the holiday season, Italy has introduced tougher restrictions for those who are unvaccinated. The new law requires citizens to show their vaccine pass before entering restaurants, theatres and museums. 

The newly introduced 'Super Green Pass,' needs Italians to be double-jabbed rather. This is the only way for people to be able to fully participate in public life. The restrictions were introduced after there was a surge in cases for six continuous weeks.



The Spanish government has recently said that Spain could tighten Covid restrictions due to the fast spread of Omicron variant. The Spanish prime minister has called an emergency meeting with regional presidents to discuss the same. 

Pedro Sanchez at a press conference said, "The virus is still with us and fighting it must be a priority."

"I've decided to call an emergency meeting for Wednesday, 22 December to analyse the evolution of the pandemic and study measures with which to face it".


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