In Pics | Over 1,200 evacuated as fire takes over World Trade Centre in Hong Kong

Over 1,200 people have been evacuated as a level 3 fire took over World Trade Centre in Hong Kong. Images that have emerged on social media show fire crews using ladders to pull people to safety

Over 1,200 evacuated

More than 300 people were trapped on the rooftop of Hong Kong’s World Trade Centre after a fire took over the 38-storey building. As per local media reports, authorities have evacuated over 1,200 and a total of 13 people have been injured. Most of the injuries were due to the effects of smoke inhalation.


Situation of panic

People got trapped on the roof after a situation of panic was created. Images that have emerged on social media show fire crews using ladders to pull people to safety. There were many who managed to run to safety through the smoke-filled lobby.


Started in electrical switch room

As per police, the fire started in an electrical switch room on one of the lower floors of a shopping mall. Slowly, smoke began pouring into the shopping centre and filled the building completely. 


Level 3 incident

The fire has been declared a level 3 incident. Out of this, level 5 is considered to be the most serious. People could be seen walking past the rescue workers as smoke gripped the entire building.



Severe injuries

As per local media reports among the injured was a woman in her 60s, who was semi-conscious in hospital as she was going through breathing difficulties due to the access smoke intake. Another 52-year-old woman suffered leg injuries and was treated at Queen Mary Hospital.


Rescue operations ongoing

As per the police, firefighters deployed two breathing apparatus teams and two water jets in order to battle the fire. No fatalities have been reported so far and rescue operations are still ongoing.


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