In Pics | Flash flooding and record-breaking rainfall hit New York City

The National Weather Service issued five flash flood warnings Friday evening, spanning from Philadelphia to northern New Jersey. 

Rescuing people

Police officers and rescue workers gather outside a house where a person was trapped in a flooded basement in Queens, New York. 


Flooded street

A refuse collection worker checks the depth of a flooded street before driving his truck through in Brooklyn.


Unblocking drains

A worker unblocks drains on a street affected by floodwater in Brooklyn as flash flooding and record-breaking rainfall brought by the remnants of Storm Ida swept through the area.


Heavy rain on expressway

Floodwater surrounds vehicles following heavy rain on an expressway.


Record-breaking rains

According to officials, at least seven people have died in New York City as a result of record-breaking rains and flash flooding. After Tropical Storm Ida slammed the city, a state of emergency was established.


'Historic weather catastrophe'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stated the city was "in the midst of a historic weather catastrophe," with "severe flooding" and "hazardous driving conditions."


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