In pics: Facebook owner Meta's new retail store featuring latest VR gadgets

Written By: Sayan Ghosh | Updated: May 05, 2022, 06:52 PM IST

Meta Platforms Inc is all set to open its first physical store. It will allow the consumers to buy virtual reality headsets along with other gadgets in a move to promote the metaverse.

The first physical shop for Meta | Photo: Meta

The Meta shop is being considered to be a 'gateway to metaverse' with the customer interacting directly with the virtual reality products.


Meta Shop to open on May 9 | Photo: Meta |

The Meta Store will be 1550 square feet unit at the company's Burlingame campus in California which will open on May 9.


Meta Store to contain demos of latest products | Photo: Meta |

The shop will feature demos for Meta’s latest VR headset – Quest 2 – and the video calling device known as Portal.


Smart glasses with Ray-Ban | Photo: Meta |

Meta is also launching smart glasses which it produced in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban glasses can be tried at the store but they will only be available for purchase online.


Gateway to Metaverse | Photo: Meta |

The Meta Store is the first step to transform into a "social metaverse company", according to their press release, and get away from the concept that they are just a 'social media' company.