In pics: Chinese robots that can maneuver dense bamboo forests without any human guidance

Written By: Sayan Ghosh | Updated: May 06, 2022, 01:12 PM IST

Imagine a group of drones capable of safely flying through dense bamboo forests without any kind of human assistance. That is now a reality thanks to an experiment by the scientists from China's Zhejiang University.

Drone swarm | Photo: Zhejiang University |

Researchers at China's Zhejiang University have come up with a drone swarm that is capable of flying safely through a dense bamboo forest without any human guidance


Internal communication between the drones | Photo: Zhejiang University |

The swarm comprises of ten different drones who can always stay in formation through their internal communication and at all times, they keep sharing data among themselves in order to map the surroundings.


Application of the drone swarm | Photo: Zhejiang University |

The scientists have noted that one of the major applications of the drone swarm can be to track humans during disasters or in inhospitable conditions as the drones are capable of picking up the trail at any situation.


Drone swarm can be used in natural disasters | Photo: Zhejiang University |

The research paper, published in the Science Robotics journal, stated - “In natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, a swarm of drones can search, guide, and deliver emergency supplies to trapped people. For example, in wildfires, agile multicopters can quickly collect information from a close view of the front line without the risk of human injury.”


Application in war | Photo: Zhejiang University |

Although the scientists have only listed out the possibilities of search and rescue operations, a number of experts are concerned that the drone swarm can also be used in combat and can become a lethal weapon in future wars.