In Pics | At least 16 killed, many trapped after gas explosion in Southwest China

A gas explosion is Southwest China killed at least 16 people, leaving many trapped. Scroll below for images 

16 killed, 10 injured

At least 16 people were killed and 10 others injured after a gas explosion in southwestern China, reports China's Ministry of emergency management. 

It happened in Chongqing city after a cafeteria for a local government district office collapsed after a suspected gas leak and explosion. Over 25 people were trapped. 



One person is reported to be in critical condition, and the other injured people were immediately rushed to hospital after being trapped in concrete in the aftermath of explosion. The Ministry of emergency management dispatched a team of more than 600 personnel to carry on the rescue mission. 


Images on social media

Images which have emerged show heavy equipment lifting slabs of concrete. Several pictures also show rescue personnel in military uniform digging through the rubble. 


Loopholes in safety standards

Due to loopholes in safety standards, gas leaks and explosions have become a common phenomenon in China. In June, 25 people were killed in a gas blast which ripped through a residential compound and then hit a two-storey building packed with shoppers.


'Very scary'

The blast happened at a government subdistrict office in Wulong District. It is located about 75 km west of the Chongqing city centre. The site is known for its scenic karst rock formations.

An eyewitness while speaking to Phoenix TV said that the blast was “very scary ... our windows have all been blown to pieces”.


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