In-flight entertainment: Thailand opens plane-themed cafes for travel lovers

Thailand locals may not be able to fly out of the country, but they can surely fulfill their cravings for flight food and in-flight experience with the new plane-themed restaurants and cafes.

Re-living travel experience

Thailand is opening up various plane-themed restaurants and cafe to allow people to re-live the flying experience. 


Air hosts ready for service

In these cafes, the waiters dress as air-hosts. The setting of the plane has been changed slightly to make more room space for the guests.


Plane food

The customers are served with few of the dishes, which are usually cooked and packed in the way they are served in the airlines. Customers have gone back happy as they said they missed the plane food.



Cockpit tour

Customers can also visit the cockpit and get pictures clicked in the pilot's seat. This has been one of the most attractive things for visitors.


'Saves from depressing life'

These cafes have been a huge hit among the people who were regular travellers before the pandemic. This gives them a chance to re-live their old habits while the country has its borders closed.


New normal

All the servers can be seen wearing face shields. The cafes are regularly sanitised and people are asked to maintain social distance. The cafes have guaranteed proper precautions to contain the spread of coronavirus.


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