Impeachment? Brazilians protest against Jair Bolsonaro for poor handling of COVID-19

As the authorities investigate corruption claims against Jair Bolsonaro, locals continue protesting against the President's poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has led to millions of deaths

Blame Bolsonaro

Thousands of locals took to streets in Brazil to protest against poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic by the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, who is also facing backlash over alleged corrupt Covid vaccine deal.


For the fallen

The third day of demonstrations also focused on the rising coronavirus-related deaths in the country as the infrastructure is failing to accommodate needs of all patients. Till now, more than 500,000 people have lost their lives to the deadly pandemic.


Nationwide protests

Along with Rio de Janeiro, rallies against the President were also held in Sao Paulo, Belem, Recife and Maceio.


Genocidal Bolsonaro

Protesters held signs reading things such as "Genocidal Bolsonaro," "Impeachment Already" and "Yes to the Vaccines."


I can't breathe!

A woman wearing an oxygen face mask performs an act during the protest in Rio de Janeiro.



After it was alleged Bolsonaro had committed a crime by failing to denounce the alleged vaccine fraud, people are demanding the President's impeachment as they claim millions of lives lost are his responsibility.


Political 'antic'

Bolsonaro, meanwhile, has rubbished all allegations and has denounced these claims and the parliamentary inquiry as a political "antic" aimed at forcing him from office.


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