Honouring the victims: Peru archbishop lines church with faces of deceased coronavirus victims

Updated: Jun 15, 2020, 06:21 PM(IST)

A Peru archbishop lined up the benches and walls of his church with faces of deceased coronavirus victims. He took the step to pay respects to the victims whom, he feels, the government has let down due to egotism and business.

Archbishop Carlos Castillo blessed pictures of victims

Archbishop Carlos Castillo blesses thousands of photographs, attached on pews and the walls of the Cathedral of Lima, of Peru's victims of the coronavirus in Lima, Peru.


From benches to ceilings

The church workers covered the benches and the bases of the columns, leading up to the arched ceilings, with the photographs of the victims.



In solidarity with the nation

This was done to pass a commentary on the way the government handled the coronavirus situation in Peru which, according to the Archbishop, is based on egotism and business, instead of mercy and solidarity.


Harder times are coming

"An even harder moment is coming. It would be terrible if in the times to come we have thousands of these photos – but dead of hunger," the Archbishop said.



Over 5,000 portraits displayed

View of some of the over 5,000 portraits of Peruvian victims of COVID-19 displayed in the Cathedral of Lima.


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