Honking cars and motorbikes take over Spanish streets protesting against the government

Updated: May 23, 2020, 07:17 PM(IST)

On Saturday, thousands of cars and motorbikes, decked with Spanish flags, were seen on the roads protesting against the strict lockdown imposed by the Spanish government to contain the spread of coronavirus. The protest was staged by the opponent political party, Vox.

Protestors gathered in cars and motorbikes

Thousands of followers of Spain’s far-right Vox party gathered in their cars and motorbikes on Saturday in different cities, to protest against the way the Spanish government has handled the coronavirus crisis.


Vox accuses government of poor crisis management

Vox has accused the Spanish government of handling the situation poorly, and thus leading to a huge downfall in the economy. They feel that the government lied about the effects the virus can have on the people, and have forced people to confide themselves indoors.




Caravan for Spain and Liberty

Keeping in mind the current social distancing guidelines, the party leaders urged protestors to come out in their cars and motorbikes. They called the protest the “Caravan for Spain and Liberty”.


Cars were decked with flags

Most cars and motorbikes were decked with Spanish flags. Protests were held in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and other provincial capitals.


'Government should resign'

People alleged the government of being irresponsible, and asked the government to resign. "We are tired of being kept in prison,” a protestor told the local media in Madrid protests.


Santiago Abascal paticipated in Madrid protest

Santiago Abascal, opposition leader, participated in the car protest in Madrid. Almost 28,000 Spaniards have been confirmed to have died from COVID-19.


Some rules were broken

Some protestors, despite the strict instructions, were seen protesting on foot. These protestors flouted the social distancing guidelines, even though Vox had specifically asked volunteers to stay in their cars and motorbikes.


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