Here are a few magnificent images from the last solar eclipse of 2021

Updated: Dec 05, 2021, 02:15 PM(IST)

On December 4, Antarctica dived into darkness as hit was hit by the last solar eclipse of 2021. Only a few people could enjoy the privilege of watching the spectacular view. Here are a few images from the rare phenomenon

Excellent visibility

A total solar eclipse pushed Antarctica into darkness on early Saturday. "The visibility was excellent," said Raul Cordero of the University of Santiago de Chile.


A rare phenomenon

The totality was visible only in Antarctica. However, the rare phenomenon was experienced by a small number of scientists and experts who paid nearly $40,000. 

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon is passing between the Sun and the Earth. The image of the sun gets partially obscured for viewers during the process.


Streamed live

The eclipse began at 0700 GMT when the Moon began to move in front of the sun. It ended at 0806 GMT.

The magnificent scenario was streamed live by NASA from the Union Glacier camp.


Use eclipse glasses and telescope

During the eclipse, people are advised to not directly look at the sun. It is suggested that the people should wear eclipse glasses. They can even use a telescope to experience the spectacle.


Visible across parts of S. hemisphere

As per NASA, the eclipse was also visible across parts of the southern hemisphere. This includes parts of Saint Helena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia.


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