Happy to have you back: Countries offering incentives to lure travellers

Coronavirus has changed tourism all around the world. But the industry has found different ways to lure back the travel-lovers. From free COVID tests to hotel expenses, tale a look at these freebies offered.


The Portuguese islands of Madeira, reopened to international tourists on July 1. As per the plans announced by the local government, all visitors have to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours before departure, or on arrival. However, the silver lining is that the government has offered to pay for the coronavirus tests.



Sicily, Italy has decided to offer half of the visitors' flight cost and a third of hotel expenses to lure the travellers back to the southern island. The local government has also announced that it will provide free tickets to many of its museums and archaeological sites.



In one of the most interesting incentives, Cyprus government has announced that if any tourist catches the novel coronavirus, the local government will take bear all expenses of accommodation, food, and medicine used by patients and their families.



Greece decreased all taxes on transportation, including the air travel, to attract the tourists back to the country whose revenue majorly depends on tourism. International flights reopened in June.



Uzbekistan is moving towards a sustainable and green economy.



Iceland, to attract travellers back, has offered to pay for the compulsory COVID-19 tests that the visitors have to go through on the airport upon arrival. If the tourists test positive, they will have to self-isolate themselves for 14 days.


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