Glasgow protests: Protesters perform a zombie die-in; over 200 events planned worldwide

Thousands of protesters have been demanding bolder global action to address environmental issues. Scroll below for images

Zombie die-in

Protesters perform a zombie die-in during a protest by Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion in George Sqaure, Glasgow.


Reducing carbon emissions

 The Scottish city hosted COP26 climate summit a few days ago. Though pledges were made by global leaders to reduce carbon emissions, experts say that much more was needed to have been done.


'Our world is under attack'

Demonstrators began gathering on Saturday morning in a park near the COP26 summit venue, chanting: "Our world is under attack, stand up fight back!" 


'Politicians are scared'

"I think a lot of politicians are scared of the power of this movement," said a 22-year-old Norwegian protester who gave her name as Jenny.


New promises

At the halfway stage of the COP26 negotiations, some countries have upgraded their existing pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while there have been separate deals on phasing out coal. Countries have also promised to end foreign fossil fuel funding, and slashing methane.


Events planned worldwide

From Paris to Sydney, Nairobi to Seoul, more than 200 events are planned worldwide to demand immediate action for communities already affected by climate change, particularly in the poorer countries in the South.


Red Rebel Brigade performs

Members of the Red Rebel Brigade, an international performance artivist troupe participate in a protest rally during a global day of action on climate change in Glasgow, during the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference. 


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