Germany: Cycling rally replaces parade on Christopher Street Day in Hamburg

Updated: Aug 02, 2020, 11:49 AM(IST)

Christopher Street Day is a demonstration held every year in different European cities in memory of the Stonewall Riots — the first big uprising of LGBT people against police assaults that took place at the Stonewall Inn, a bar on Manhattan, New York City's Christopher Street in the district of Greenwich Village on June 28, 1969.

This year because of the pandemic Hamburg locals organised a cycling rally instead of a parade.

For equality

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is an annual European LGBT celebration. People come together to celebrate equality and to show solidarity against discrimination and exclusion.


Cycling to stay safe

This year the parade was replaced by a cycle rally to make sure that the attendees maintain social distance amid the pandemic.


Painting rainbows

The cycling rally was overlooked by the Hamburg Police, who painted rainbow flags on the front of their car to show support.


Mayors for support

Katharina Fegebank, second Mayor of Hamburg and Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor of Hamburg participated in the cycling rally to stand up against inequality and show support with the LGBT community.


Dressing up for the cause

Participants came up with creative ideas of trendy costumes, ranging from rainbow-coloured masks to traditional black forest costumes, which has become a symbol of the people from the large and forested mountain range.


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