Germany brings in Christmas spirit with drive-in markets amid pandemic

Updated: Nov 29, 2020, 03:54 PM(IST)

As the world is battling the second wave of the novel coronavirus, Germans have decided not to let the pandemic dampen Christmas

There's always a first

For the first time ever, Germany will be participating in the Christmas markets without stepping out of their cars.


Santa candy on wheels

To make sure all products are safe, the candies are packed in sanitised wrappers and the customers are asked to receive the orders from the cars itself.


Queue for happiness

The cars queue up infront of the isolated temporary huts and wait for their turn to drive-in and purchase their candies and other items.


Bicycles allowed too

People can also drive-in on their bicycles. However, it is compulsory for the cyclists to wear face masks and maintain social distance.


No horse-back rides

One big change this year, however, is that all the swings and the rides for children and adults will stay closed, for now. The government will soon be deciding on how to re-open the markets without having a spread of the virus.


Masked servers

It is compulsory for the shopkeepers to wear masks and keep their huts sanitised. The organisers have happily agreed to all terms as long as they get to keep up the Christmas tradition.


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