From misplaced trust to loss of faith in humanity, sketchers react on elephant's murder

Updated: Jun 04, 2020, 12:45 PM(IST)

An elephant in the Indian state of Kerala died after she was fed a pineapple stuffed with crackers. The crackers burst in her mouth. While the authorities are trying to identify the culprits, here is how sketchers took to internet to show their grief.

She was in pain for days

She was badly injured. She walked in pain for days. 



She looked for some relief in a river

She was hungry, but couldn't eat with an injured mouth. Finally, she walked up to a river and stood there.


She had a sixth sense

The forest official who posted the picture and narrated the elephant's story said that "she had a sixth sense that she was going to die".


A small life was taken away

This news upset people all over the country who expressed their grief and shock over how an unborn also lost its life over inhumane actions.


Misplaced trust

The incident came as a huge shock to people all over the country.


She wandered for food

She was pregnant and her desperation drove her out of her habitat. Animals do not enjoy walking into villages or destroying farms, leave alone entering a city packed with humans, cars and pollution.


It is a common practice to kill animals with explosive pineapples

Reports claim that pineapples laden with explosives are a common practice in Kerala. They are used by locals to protect their field from wild boars. Now an FIR has been lodged. 


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