French schools reopen; boxes and empty spaces to be the new normal

Updated: May 15, 2020, 11:27 AM(IST)

As the number of cases decreased, Franch lifted the nationwide lockdown. As the people were allowed to go back to their normal life, kids returned back to school. From sitting in their specified boxed boundaries, to sanitizing their hands often... this is the new normal.

Kids return to school with masks

Kids returned to school with masks. Wearing masks has been made compulsory for teachers and students in French schools.


Social distancing

Students had to follow the rules of social distancing. For this, lines have been permanently drawn in the school premises. Kids are asked to stand maintaining that distance.


Limited seating

For primary schools, markings have been made on tables to help younger kids understand the distance they have to maintain from each other. Each four-seater table can only sit two kids.



French schools opened with marking around all benches which decides the distance a student has to maintain from other. The students are also asked to wear masks.


Washrooms have been marked

The washrooms have been marked too. Some of the wash basins have been marked as closed using the caution tape. Similarly, alternate bathroom stalls, too, have been made non-usable. 


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