French health care workers protest against poor services

Updated: May 29, 2020, 01:20 PM(IST)

Low wages, poor and inadequate resources, understaffing, poor infrastructure, hollow promises and so on...the list goes on for French health care workers. The conditions have been made worse due to the pandemic. The Parisian health care workers staged a protest to express their displeasure and demand better resources.

Better working conditions demanded

Parisian Healthcare workers demonstrated a protest in front of the Robert Debre hospital to call for better working conditions and an increase of manpower as French government launched general talks on health.


A die-in

The protesters staged a die-in to raise the point of how critically dangerous the working conditions are for the French health care workers.


Public support

The few dozen medical workers were joined by another two hundred protesters who applauded them as they walked infront of the hospital.


Two months of talks resume

The French government formally opened two months of talks with healthcare workers over changes to France's public health system.


Protest against salary cuts

Doctors and nurses have claimed of low salaries, staffing shortage and inadequate healthcare services in the media sector.


A pay bonus announced

President Emmanuel Macron’s government announced a pay bonus of up to €1,500 for all medical professionals earlier this month. However, no fixed date has been provided for this.



'Emmanuel Macron should resign'

Several of the protesters at the rally asked for Emmanuel Macron to resign. 


A long fight

The strikes and protests have been going on since before the virus. However, things became worse after the pandemic.


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