For our safety: Young women in Venezuela protest against increasing femicide

Venezuela suffers from a high rate of violent crime and violence against women has been alarmingly increasing. Young women decided to speak out against it

Against femicide

Hundreds of Venezuelans came out on styreets to express their anger against the increasing femicide in the country, after the murders of three young women last week.



As a methaphor, young women also spilled red ink simulating blood on the side of a woman's shoe and a condom during a protest march in Acarigua, Venezuela.


White and purple

People organised a religious event in memory of the girls who were murdered a few days ago. Young people were seen carrying white and purple balloons for the ceremony.


Coronavirus' impact

Human rights activists and women rights organisations have been constantly warning the government that the coronavirus lockdowns have increased the violence against women. An independent online initiative Monitor de Femicidios estimating there were 256 femicides in Venezuela last year, compared to 167 in 2019.


In memory of...

Demonstrators also carried pictures of victims, such as Eduarlis Falcon, who was murdered days ago.


More than 600 cases

The attorney general's office has recorded more than 610 cases of femicide since 2017, half of which have been resolved. Demonstrators demanded nothing except for to feel safe and be served justice, in cases of violence.


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