'For coffee!': Paris cafes and restaurants reopen after covid lockdown

Locals rushed to their favourite cafes for morning coffee as Paris reopened restaurants, cafe, bars and other entertainment venues

Heavenly croissants

Pair locals rejoiced as their favourite cafes and restaurants reopened after an extended lockdown, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of locals rushed to cafes to have their morning coffee and croissants.


Macron approves

France's President, Emmanuel Macron, also stepped out to celebrate the reopening of cafes with the locals. "Here we are!," he posted on Twitter. "Terraces, museums, cinemas, theaters… Let's find what makes our way of life. In respect of barrier gestures."


Six-month break

French cafes and restaurants resumed serving customers, following a six-month shutdown mandated by the government to try to contain the spread of the virus.


Outdoors only

Some locals are still missing their local indoor seating places. For now, the French government has allowed cafes and restaurants to operate only for outdoor dining, and not indoor dining.



The cafes, bars and rooftop restaurants reported being pre-booked for days, as people started reserving tables as soon as they heard the government's plan of reopening entertainment venues.


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