Farewell Trump: Joe Biden's face masks get popular after US election results

A Japanese mask producing company, Ogawa Studio, has seen an increase in the demand for President-elect Joe Biden's masks, giving yet another defeat to Donald Trump — after US election results

New POTUS, new face

A Japanese mask producer has shifted to making Joe Biden's face masks rather than Donald Trump's now, as the demand for Trump's masks has decreased massively after the US election results. Joe Biden, the President-elect, has gained popularity, in the US and int eh face mask industry.


Trump's defeat

Ogawa Studios, a small producer in north of Tokyo, started making rubber Biden masks earlier this year but since his election win last week, the demand and production has increased.


Historic wins

In October, Ogawa Studios produced and sold 1,000 Biden masks, which were sold for 2,400 yen ($22.81) each. The producers aim to produce at least 25,000 masks by the end of the year.


Trump on downward slope

While Biden's masks are increasing, Trump has been shifted to the least priority by the producers, even though they cost the same as Biden's masks.


'Trump is always shouting'

The producing company's Manager Koki Takahashi said it was much easier to produce a caricature of Trump, whose mask appears to be shouting, than it was for Biden. Biden’s caricature, on the other hand, is much more low-key, with a gentle smile.


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