Endangered: Divers spot rare seahorses in dirty lagoon of Greece

A group of divers have reported a rare sighting of seahorses in Western Greece's polluted lagoon, giving hope of revival of the species

Protected species

Divers in Western Greece had a rare sighting of hundreds of endangered seahorses in a polluted lagoon in the area.

Experts reported that seahorses are a protected species as they are often threatened by pollution and overfishing in many areas. Therefore, seahorses require an environment full of organisms to feed on and plant life to hide.


Danger of extinction

Experts have warned that the species faces danger of extinction if the area is not cleaned up.

"We see hundreds here and if they remain we have hope," said diver Vasilis Mentogiannis, an expert in underwater surveys who has led efforts to protect the seahorses. "I don't think there is a similar situation to this anywhere else in Greece."


A rare sighting

Local fishermen have said the number of seahorses in the Aitoliko lagoon in the northern Patras Gulf used to be much higher. However, due to excessive pollution and overfishing, the population of seahorses has declined massively, making this sighting by divers a rare event.


Safe place

As of now, the seahorses have found a spot with oxygen and food, far from fishing areas but if hydrogen sulphide levels increase, the species might come to an end.


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