Empty fridges tell stories of empty stomachs amid Lebanon economic crisis

Lebanon, once known as the 'Switzerland of Middle East' is now struggling to even put food on the plates of its citizens. Once known for its night life and the beautiful city life, the country is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. 

With almost half of the population under poverty line, group of photographers tell the tale of the crisis through empty fridges.

Worst economic crisis

Corruption, flawed policies and a pandemic has led Lebanon into its worst economic crisis in decades.



Collapse in currency and businesses

The crisis has led to a major collapse in Lebanon currency. Businesses are shutting down and prices of basic goods are skyrocketing.


Lack of food

This has led to people struggling to their basic needs, such as food and water. People all over the country have been struggling to even bring food in their fridhes.


Photographers tell their tale

To throw light on the failing economy, a group of photographers of a news agency went around in main cities of Beirut, Tripoli, Byblos, Jounieh and Saida to ask people how they managed to put food on the table. To show the crisis and the rising poverty, the photographers clicked pictures of people's fridges, which were spotted usually empty.


Below poverty line

World Bank has estimated that half of the Lebanon population now lives below the poverty line.



People in the country are trying to sell as many  assets as possible, to gather some survival money. Some people also claimed that they would be happy to sell off their existing fridges, if they get a good bargain, and buy a smaller fridge as they rarely get to fill their fridges now.


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