Dubai inaugurates world's deepest pool and a sunken city

Matching its reputation of reaching for world records, Dubai has once again made the headlines by opening the world's deepest pool on the planet

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai, which has opened as an invitation-only pool for now, holds the record for world's deepest pool. The pool is being described as "the only diving facility in the world".


14.6 million litres of fresh water

The pool contain 14.6 million litres (3.8 million gallons) of fresh water, which is equivalent to the volume of water used to fill six Olympics-sized pools. It is currently equipped with 50 cameras, for entertainment and safety purposes.


Sunken city

The divers can enjoy exploring an "abandoned sunken city" and can also play table football and other games at the bottom of the pool. Several visitors have also enjoyed the vegetation on their way down to the bottom of the pool.


Costly but worthy

A one-hour dive in the pool costs between $135 and $410. The pool is currently only allowed for visitors with invitation, but organisers have assured that it will be open to the public soon.


A tribute

The oyster-shaped structure pays tribute to the pearl-diving tradition of the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member, explained Deep Dive Dubai's director Jarrod Jablonski, an expat from Florida in the United States.

(Text from AFP)


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