Donald Trump's supporters take to streets for another 'Million MAGA March'

The outgoing US President Donald Trump has taken another blow as the Supreme Court has given a go-ahead for the electoral votes. However, the MAGA believers have decided not to give up

Third in series

Continuing the series, Donald Trump's supporters organised another 'Million MAGA March' to protest against the defeat declared by the US Supreme Court.


'Thank you, Jesus'

The protests this time saw Trump supporters take to streets with several placards reading 'Thank you Jesus', 'Jesus is still the King', '2020, no more bullshit' etc.


Thousands gathered

As per several event pages and official website, nearly 17,000 people agreed to meet near National Sylvan Theater on the Mall from 11 am. However, none of the agencies have been able to confirm the total attendance yet.


Alleged fraud

The aim of this rally is to raise voice against the alleged voter fraud in the recently-concluded US election 2020, where Donald Trump has repeatedly, without any proof accused the President-elect Joe Biden of manipulating voters and mail-in voting.



People were spotted usually wearing 'Make America Great Again' (MAGA) hats with US and Republican flags in hands. The protestors were seen hugging and walking closely, defying all COVID-19 restrictions.


Big names

Former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn also took to streets to lend support to the outgoing President. He was also seen addressing the gathered demonstrators. Much like the rest of the Trump administration, Flynn, too, was spotted without a mask.


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