Disneyland reopens in Hong Kong; masked visitors return to their happy place

Disneyland theme park reopened on Thursday after five months, as the coronavirus cases in Hong Kong decreased. 

Selected visitors, mainly annual pass holders, were allowed to visit the theme park on Thursday. All visitors were urged to follow proper protocols of social distancing and masks were made compulsory.

Reopened...for selected visitors

Hong Kong`s loss-making Disneyland theme park reopened on Thursday to a limited number of local visitors and with enhanced health measures after the coronavirus outbreak forced it to close in late January.


Children welcomed

Dozens of visitors were seen queuing to get into the park on Thursday morning, many of them were families with children.


Social distancing

The park says its shopping and dining locations will have reduced capacity and that it will implement social distancing measures in any queues and throughout its facilities.


Temperature check

Before entering, everyone has to get their body temperature checked, as a precautionary measure for coronavirus.


Workers caution visitors

Employees can be seen standing at various points of the theme park with caution boards urging visitors to maintain social distance.


Regular disinfecting

The theme park will also carry out disinfection more frequently and make hand sanitisers available for visitors.


Mass Transit Railway

Commuters took the Disneyland MTR (Mass Transit Railway) train link to Hong Kong's Disneyland station, that started operating after nearly five months of closure.