Dining with a view? Thai locals rush to dine at flooded restaurant


 | Updated: Oct 08, 2021, 12:54 PM IST

Making sure the customers get a new experience, a Thai restaurant has decided to keep serving food even as the flood water surges in the restaurant

Happy customers

Making the best of every situation, a Thai restaurant has decided to continue serving customers even as the flood water surged in the premises. The restaurant's owner, Titiporn Jutimanon, said he realised customers did not mind being surrounded by water. "The concept has spread by customers' word of mouth," he told AF


33 flooded provinces

The situation arose as the tropical storm Dianmu and heavy monsoon rains have caused flooding in 33 Thai provinces, inundating more than 300,000 households and claiming at least nine lives.


Different and fun experience

The Chaopraya Antique Cafe in Nonthaburi, part of the vast sprawl of Bangkok upriver from the city centre. Customers happily visit the cafe to munch on their favourite dishes. The water in their feet gives them a different and fun experience.


Cannot afford to close down

The restaurant owner took this decision as his food joint, similar to thousands of others in the country, have incurred huge losses due to the repeated lockdowns caused by the spread of deadly coronavirus.

"If I have to close down the restaurant again, it wouldn't survive for sure," the owner said.