Differing narratives: While PM Modi ticks all boxes at UN, Pak PM Imran Khan harps on Kashmir

The agenda for India at the UNGA has been diverse, but Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to have one point agenda - Kashmir. 

Modi versus Khan at UN

PM Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan are on a week-long visit to the United States.

The last five days for Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been filled with action.

From the mega 'Howdy, Modi' event, multiple multilateral and bilateral engagements to meeting with the top business leaders of America.

From his UN address to all of his bilaterals, the focus for the Pak PM remains internationalising Kashmir. 


'Howdy!' to improved trade with US

In the third US-India bilateral meeting between India and the US this year on the sidelines of UNGA, US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister set a trade target of $60 billion.


Meeting with top CEOs

The prime minister met with the top CEOs of America and gave out a clear message, 'come to India', it is a great opportunity to invest in India. 


Kashmir, Kashmir!

WION's Islamabad correspondent, Anas Malik reported that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue in almost all of his bilateral meetings.

"Khan met the Norwegian PM, there was a trilateral with Turkey and Malayasia which was also more focussed on the Kashmir crisis," Malik noted. 


Losing track

In a bid to rake up the Kashmir issue, Pak PM has been losing focus on the worsening financial crisis and cash-strapped economy of Pakistan.

There seems to be not much traction on the investment side for Pakistan as well.


Disappointment for Khan

At his recent press conference, Khan admitted his disappointed concerning his efforts on Kashmir.


Way ahead?

"When you ask the Pakistan leadership, what is the way ahead, you came to the UN, next month there is an OIC meeting, what is the way head... they are absolutely blank on that," Malik told WION's Palki Sharma Upadhyay. 


Island fervour

Modi also reached out to small Island countries at the India Pacific Island Meet and the 1st India Caribbean Summit to strengthen ties and improve cooperation.


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