Culture deficiency: A French city's Mayor reopens museums defying coronavirus rules

Updated: Feb 09, 2021, 07:21 PM(IST)

As cases on a rise in the European country of France, a Mayor has decided to satisfy the culture deficiency of its locals and reopen museums

Reopen, amid surge

Despite rising coronavirus cases and an ongoing curfew in the country, a far-right mayor in France decided to reopen his city's museums.


Long due

The country's museums have been shut since October 30 due to coronavirus and this is the first time the museums have reopened in the city, despite a surge in coronavirus cases.


Louis Aliot

Perpignan Mayor Louis Aliot, deputy leader of the far-right National Rally believes the people of the city have had a deficiency of their culture.

"There is a virus and it will be with us for a long time... There are treatments, there are vaccinations, there are precautions we can take. Let's get used to it and start by trying things out," he said.


More museums reopening

The Casa Pairal museum of Catalan art and the Natural History Museum also confirmed they had reopened. The fourth -- the Joseph Puig coin museum -- is set to reopen on Wednesday.


Government rethinks

The French government is now re-thinking its decision of coronavirus restrictions and is hoping to reopen cultural venues as soon as coronavirus cases drop.


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