Colourful backdrop for ugly clashes: Chile sets up museum for deadly protests

In memory of months-long protest in Chile, a Museum of Social Uprising has been set up in the capital city Santiago, to highlight the brutality against the civilians during the months which left more than 30 people dead

Angry graffiti

Social Uprising Museum showcased graffiti which is being termed as 'angry graffiti'. The museum has various walls with various slogans and other itmes from the protests such as metal shields and tear gas cartridges.


Street art

The museum also showcases various street art pieces, a lot of which are also made out of protective shields.


Dog alert

One of the main attractions of the museum is a huge statue of dog made out of waste material with a red colllar. The dog has become a selfie point for the visitors.


Teary art

Empty tear gas cartridges from the Chilean protests have been put together in an art piece.


Dignity for the people

Pots and pans with slogans such as "Now we awoke, we must be conscious" and "Dignity for the people" hang in the museum, which were used in the demonstrations.


Empty promises

Empty tear gas cartridges, gloves and other objects used in demos are displayed in the museum.


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