Colombo embraces new normal as people attend drive-in open-air concert

Updated: Jun 06, 2020, 10:30 AM(IST)

Nearly 600 vehicles attended the drive-in open-air musical concert in Colombo. The concert was a trial of reviving the entertainment industry amid the pandemic, as the industry has suffered huge losses due to the lockdown.

Drive-in is the new trend

Colombo has started organising open-air drive-in musical concerts to beat the boredom of people amid nationwide lockdown.


Domestic airports put to use

The open-air concert was based on drive-in concept, and was organised for the first time at the Ratmalana domestic airport in Colombo. 


Star-studded event

Colombian singer Bathiya (BNS) performed during this open-air concert.


Social distancing

The event had been organised in line with social distancing rules which prohibit cinemas and other forms of entertainment in enclosed areas or large gatherings.


Policemen spotted with masks

Policemen were spotted wearing facemask while on guard, to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.


Saving the entertainment industry

The event was a try to save the entertainment industry, which has suffered a huge loss due to the lockdown of COVID-19.


A trial concert

This was a trial concert by the Sri Lankan entertainment industry to see how can the industry reactivate amid the pandemic.


Nearly 600 vehicles attended

There were nearly 600 vehicles in the open-air concert, which became a little challenging for the organisers. All tickets were sold online, and the money collected will be donated to the coronavirus fund of the government.


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