Circle of protection: Belgian university comes up with innovative idea for social distancing

After repeated clashes between the students and police, the authorities have finally figured out how to make people practice social distancing in a fun way

Trendy, innovative and fun

After struggling to make students follow the coronavirus restrictions, the Belgian university has come up an innovative, trendy and useful way of making sure students practice social distancing.


100 circles of protection

The city, home to some 80,000 students, has painted 100 large, white circles on the ground in St Peter's Square at the heart of the student district, and in nearby parks over the past month.


For students, by students!

Ghent mayor Mathias De Clercq claimed students themselves came up with this idea. He also added that while Belgian COVID rules limit groups meeting outdoors to four people, it was not mandatory for a group to sit in a circle.


Space for all

The circles are 6 metres (19 feet 8 inches) in diameter and 4 metres apart and lets students enjoy the summer sun while staying safe from contracting coronavirus.


'We are not kids anymore'

While some students earlier complained of being treated as infants earlier, the overall response from students for the circles has been good.


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