Chicago marches against gun violence after an alarming increase in crime

Updated: Jan 01, 2021, 09:29 AM(IST)

As cases of gun violence increase in the city of Chicago, friends and families of the victims of gun violence marched on streets to raise awareness about the dramatic increase in gun violence

Against arms

Hundreds of demonstrators took to streets to carry out a non-violent protest against the rising gun violence in the city of Chicago, which has seen a dramatic increase in the years 2020.


For the fallen heroes

The protesters marched to pay respects to the victims of gun violence in the past year, such as Brandon McGhee, three-year-od Mekhi Emil James and many more.


Activists lend support

Activist Catholic Priest Rev. Michael Pfleger, too, came out in support f the demonstrators and encouraged the gathering to keep marching against the rising gun violence, and failing system.


Bullet holes

various placards and sigs have four bullet holes drawn on them as a sign of protest. This mark of four bullets on the placards has become a popular sign of anti-gun violence in the second largest city of the US.


Sinful activity

The police recorded 762 homicides in 2020, up 55 per cent from 2019, according to a December 27 count. Shootings rose 53 per cent, to 3,227 from 2,120 in the city of 2.7 million. 


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