Cars to funeral boxes: Americans protest against reopening of schools

'We cannot teach from body bags' and 'protect the youth' have been some of the slogans that were seen in the US as protestors rallied against government's decision to reopen schools

Analyse numbers

Parents have been asking the government to look at the number of people who are testing positive, before taking a hurried decision of reopening schools. 


Online, not offline

Parents, students and teachers have voiced their concerns over reopening of schools. Parents and students have claimed that they were satisfied with the online teaching sessions. Some parents even opted for online classes when given a choice by school authorities.


Protect the mentors

Teachers in the US recently carried out protests all over the country asking the government to reconsider its decision with slogan such as "I can't teach from a body bag". 


Funeral boxes on road

Protestors carried funeral boxes while chanting slogans. The teachers have been one of the worst affected members by the reopening of the schools amid a pandemic, as they claim to be the ones in majority contact with the students leading them to be easy targets.


Safe protests

Protestors came out in cars, instead of on foot, to maintain social distance while protesting. The cars' had slogans taped to the windows.


Youngsters standing up for their rights

Children, too, participated in the 'drive-in protests' with masks on their faces and apt social distance. Since the public schools reopened, many children have tested positive, while attending offline classes, which has led to classes going into self-quarantine.


National Resistance Day

The protests have been taking place almost on a daily basis. This year August 03, called National Resistance Day, too, saw protests all over the country asking the Trump administration to reconsider its decision of reopening schools and protect its citizens and youngsters from a pandemic.


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