Caged: Italian coastguard help giant sperm whale caught in illegal fishing net

A giant Sperm whale has been struggling to get out of a fishing net for the past few days. Italian coastguard has come to the rescue of the whale, and has been trying to free the whale since Saturday.

Troubled since days

The Italian coastguard has been working for days to free a massive sperm whale caught in an abandoned fishing net in open sea off the Sicilian Aeolian Islands.


Illegal fishing

On Saturday, the coastguard spotted the whale struggling to get out of an abandoned fishing net usually used for fishing illegally for swordfish.



Due to its energetic efforts to free itself, the whale had been given the name “Fury”.


Follow the light

Biologist Monica Blasi said they attached a light to Fury’s tail so as not to lose sight of it as they tried to remove the rest of the net.



Large and agitated

The rescue mission has been going on since days due to the enourmous size of the whale, and the resistance coupled with the agitation of 'Fury'.


Second time

It is the second time in less than a month that the Italian coastguard has had to intervene to free a sperm whale tangled in a fishing net.


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