Berlin Pride parade: Marching for equality, but with safety and style

After the annual Pride March was cancelled in Berlin, Germany due to coronavirus, an alternate parade was carried out on Saturday. Promoting equality for all, the LGBTQ community, this year, also marched to show solidarity with the African-American community.

Huge crowd in attendance

Despite the pandemic, more than 3,500 protesters took to the streets of Berlin to support freedom and show solidarity with the LGBTQ community.


Alternate parade

The German capital's annual pride parade and festival, which usually attracts thousands of people every year, was cancelled this year due to the pandemic. However, people organized an alternate parade.


'Stay safe'

In order to avoid spread of the virus, the organizers asked the attendees to maintain a safe distance from one another and wear face masks.


Get creative

As the organizers had asked the attendees to wear face masks, people got creative with their masks.


Black trans lives matter

In the parade, people also chanted slogans of 'Black lives matter' and 'Black trans lives matter too', to show solidarity with the African-American community all over the world.


All rules were followed

The Berlin Police, which was also policing another 'Black Lives Matter' parade in the city, said the attendees of the Pride Parade did abide by all the rules majority times.