Back home: Louvre Museum recovers Renaissance-era armour after 40 years

After nearly 40 years, the Louvre museum in Paris has been able to recover a set of priced, Renaissance-era armour

After a long wait

A set of gold and silver-encrusted Renaissance-era armour has been recovered by the Louvre museum almost 40 years after it was stolen.


Careful observation

A military antiques expert alerted police after being called in to give advice regarding an inheritance in Bordeaux in January and becoming suspicious about the luxurious helmet and body armour in the family's collection. 


Mystery solved

Police later identified the items from a database of stolen artworks as having been taken from the Louvre on May 31, 1983, in circumstances that remain a mystery. 



The armour and helmet are thought to have been made in Milan between 1560 and 1580, and were donated to the Louvre in 1922 by the Rothschild family. 


Inheritance mystery continues

Bordeaux prosecutors are now investigating how they ended up in the family's estate. 


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