Armed, but holy! Afghanistan observes first Friday prayers under Taliban rule

As the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, the Friday prayers looked very different. Fir the first time, armed Taliban insurgents were seen standing next to an Imam in Kabul

First ever

For the first time since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the capital city Kabul hosted its first Friday prayers at a mosque in the northwest of the capital.


Armed, but holy?

During the prayers, armed Taliban fighters were seen sitting next to an Imam, which is a rare sight in the country.


Herat returns to normalcy

Locals in Herat are also returning to normalcy as they offered Friday prayers at the Jama Mosque. Girls have also started going back to school now, almost a week after the Taliban took control of the city.


'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan'

Taliban took over Afghanistan completely on Sunday and recently declared it as the 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan'.


Different regime?

While the Taliban claim things will be different this time in comparison to their last regime that ended in 2001, the locals are narrating a different truth from the country. Women have claimed they are being sent back homes and are being told they cannot work anymore due to a 'regime change'.


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