American businesses prepare for possible civil unrest after US election 2020

Updated: Nov 03, 2020, 09:26 AM(IST)

As the two political parties are gearing up for celebration, Americans are beefing up security to protect their businesses

Preparations begin

The US is preparing for the final day of voting, i.e. on November 03. However, various businesses are prepping for what they fear will follow next: a civil unrest


Walls up!

Several big businesses have started boarding up their showrooms, especially in the capital city, to make sure that if a civil unrest breaks out, people do not damage their stores. this decision was taken after several shops incurred huge losses when people took to streets to protest against police brutality, and ended up damaging and looting several stores.


Trump Tower on alert

Security has been tightened outside and in the famous Trump Tower in Manhattan, Donald Trump's old residence, as the local police is predicting a massive gathering after the results are announced. Local police, as well as private security, is now securing the area around the skyscraper.


Private security

Many businesses have also hired private security agencies who are now patrolling the areas around specific showrooms.


Fan art

Graffiti mocking Donald Trump's response towards the coronavirus pandemic are appearing on several walls in the New York city. The local authorities are warning residents to refrain from indulging in any such activities.


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